You Can Make Extra Money by Selling Our Pre-paid Car Washes!
The program features our “Super Wash” Package w/Full Service Add-ons at $14.99 (Best Value)
Your organization keeps 50% from each sale.
All we need is the following information to get started:

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Program Details
Once we receive your information, we print the cards. All printing costs are covered by us. You simply sign a release form when you pick up your cards or have them dropped off to you. It’s that easy!

Selling period must be limited to two weeks (no exceptions).
At the end of the two week period, simply drop off a check payable to City Car Wash for 50% of the value of the number of cards sold by your organization. Any unsold cards must be returned to us.

A menu of services will be provided with each card. However, the card will apply only for the # Value Package. Any other services requested will be charged at the regular retail value.

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